Digital Literacy has evolved its data collection system, and now uses online forms and MS Excel to manage information from 2,286 customers. The data is more uniform across all sites and enables us to better understand who we serve and the impact we have.

2016-17 DL program-professional results table only

Other highlights

  • Database management
    1. Evolved and managed a data collection system that tracked nearly 2,300 customers over 8 sites using online forms and MS Excel
  • Marketing
    1. Significantly expanded the LVR website, bringing into focus the work and impact of the Digital Literacy program
    2. Added many new features to the LVR website. For example, added forms that enabled prospective volunteers to register for Preview sessions and Digital Literacy orientations, or to formally sign-up as volunteers
  • Fund Development
    1. Gained the equivalent of $114,408 in volunteer donated time (up from $67,703 in 2015-16), effectively more than doubling the program budget
  • Customers
    1. Distributed 630 free flash drives (up from 215 in FY 2015-16)
    2. Customers lived in a total of 34 zip codes: 55% lived in 14611, 14619, 14605 and 14608
  • Volunteers
    1. Supported volunteers up to 104 hours per week, 5 days per week
    2. Provided 4,086 hours of service (up from an estimated 1,756 in 2014-15)
    3. Provided on-call support to volunteers 5 days per week, including until 8:30 pm on two evenings and 4 hours on Saturdays
    4. Continually made technological improvements to better support volunteers

2016-17 program report 

2017-18 program report 


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