Navigator FAQs


What is Digital Literacy?
  The program is a free, one-to-one, drop-in service for individuals who want to learn basic computer skills or complete computer-essential tasks. The program is staffed by volunteer navigators who work at various community sites. Navigators also distribute free flash drives to participants who need them in order to retain key documents.

What does a navigator do? Navigators provide support at libraries and other community sites, working with customers on a drop-in basis. In a three-hour session, a navigator might work on a one-to-one basis with 4-6 customers, teaching basic computer skills or assisting customers in completing computer-essential tasks. Those tasks might include setting up email or other accounts, accessing new information or using web-portals to apply for jobs, among other things.

Do I need computer experience? You need at least 3 years of experience on a PC, knowledge of Google and its apps, patience and flexibility.

What training is required? Training consists of one 2-hour in-LVR office session and one,  1-hour onsite orientation. This training/orientation will completely familiarize you with why we created the program, who it serves, what you do as a volunteer, and what the program’s impact is.

What kind of support will I receive?  You will have access to the program staff whenever you are working on a shift. In addition, DL has inservice trainings to update you on the latest best practices.

What is the time commitment? We ask for two time commitments: 1) we ask that you stay with the program at least six months; 2) we ask that you commit to volunteering in 3-hour shift once per week or once every other week.

Where do people get this service? Digital Literacy has volunteer navigators at Arnett and Phillis Wheatley libraries (southwest), Lincoln and Sully libraries (northeast), Lyell Branch Library (west), Frederick Douglass library (south), Gates Public Library and LVR’s main office.

How do people access services? People who want our assistance drop-in at any of our library sites. LVR offers assistance to select individuals at its main office.

What about vacations and emergencies? Everyone takes a vacation. We ask that you tell us as soon as your vacation is scheduled. This enables us to coordinate with our partners. As for emergencies, we ask that you immediately text or call program staff. Our relationship with site managers is critical, and we want them to know of any changes to the schedule as quickly as we can.



Digital Literacy Coordinator: Brian Kane