Digital Literacy Best Practices

When working with customers
  • Always save documents to Google Drive or a flash drive when possible
  • Time limit: one-hour max per session when other customers are waiting
  • DO NOT use or create resumes with special formatting
  • Record ALL usernames, email addresses and passwords in spreadsheet listed below.
Resume Tips:
  1. Where possible, show up to 10 years of continuous employment. It is the customer’s preference whether to show more
  2. Include volunteer positions under Professional Experience when there are employment gaps
  3. Parsers (algorithms) use a hierarchy that is based on employer preferences. That’s why it’s imperative to use key words and list career highlights and qualifications/skills at the top of the resume
  4. Write a resume around the job description
  5. Write different resumes for different jobs/industries
  6. Show on-going education and learning (this makes the resume stronger)
  7. Eliminate all spelling and factual errors
Cover Letter Tips:
  1. Write different cover letters for different kinds of jobs
  2. Tell a story to show more than what the resume can tell alone
  3. Describe what you can offer a prospective employer
  4. Describe how the customer can help the employer to succeed
  5. Use the customer’s own words
For Customers:
  1. Online Account and Application Record . An Excel spreadsheet to record online account information and to write progress notes
  2. Cover letter sample . A PDF that shows what an ideal cover letter looks like
  3. Resume sample . A PDF that shows what an ideal resume looks like
  4. Resume template . A Word document that you can fill in to create a resume
  5. Resume key words . A PDF that provides key words to use on resumes and in cover letters for different jobs
  6. Resume worksheet . A Word document that can be printed and given to a customer before you start to create a resume
For Volunteers:
  1. Google Info  Google Drive, Gmail and Google Apps Info for volunteers working with customers on these resources.
  2. Engaging Customers   useful document to help volunteers through the process of