April Digital Literacy Newsletter


Happy Easter! I hope you are surrounded by sunshine, flowers, chocolate, and family on this blessed day.

Spring is finally here and hopefully the nice weather associated with the season will arrive and stay with us for a while. We are now in the last quarter of the 23′-24′ fiscal year. Please remember to record all interactions with customers and complete the customer interaction forms as previously noted, so we may have an accurate count of customers served for the year.

Solar Eclipse:

As you may already know on Monday, April 8, 2024, there will be a total solar eclipse, and Rochester, NY is in the path of totality. In a solar eclipse, the moon gets between the Sun and Earth. In a total solar eclipse, people who are in the path of totality see the Sun’s bright disk totally covered by the Moon for a short time. To help you prepare to watch this historic eclipse,  Literacy Rochester has some solar eclipse glasses for any  volunteer that needs them. You can stop by the office and pick them up Monday -Friday from 9am-5pm. 

A total eclipse is one of the rarest and most spectacular events in nature. During the partial phases just before and after totality, the landscape around you is transformed by eerie dim light and strangely sharp shadows. During totality, the sky becomes as dark as deep twilight, bright stars and planets appear, and the Sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona, shines around the black disk of the Moon’s silhouette. Changes in temperature, winds, and animal behavior occur during the time around totality. The experience is emotionally powerful and unforgettable.

The Moon will begin to cover the Sun at 2:07 pm. Using a safe solar viewing method, we will see more and more of the Sun covered by the Moon over the next 73 minutes. This time is called a partial phase because the Sun is partially covered by the Moon. Totality begins at 3:20 pm and lasts 3 minutes 38 seconds (plus or minus a few seconds, depending on your exact location). After totality, the Moon gradually uncovers the Sun in a second partial phase. The eclipse ends for Rochester viewers at 4:33 pm.

Site Closures:

Monday April 8th – Solar Eclipse- 


  • All Rochester Public Libraries CLOSED
  • Hamlin Library CLOSED
  • Irondequoit Library CLOSED
  • Penfield Library CLOSED
  • Webster Library CLOSED
  • All Shifts For The Day Have Been Cancelled or Closed

Digital Literacy Classes:

Literacy Rochester has just been awarded a grant to buy 6  laptops and a carrying case. This will allow us to bring the digital classes to more community locations who might not have the technology in a private area for instruction. I am really excited about this. If you are interested in instructing a digital class in your library/site please contact me for the curriculum and we can get the class setup. 

Upcoming Digital Literacy classes at Central Library are listed below. Customer can register for the class through the Central Library website, under calendar events. You can also find the classes list on the Literacy Rochester Website under digital literacy. More classes will be added soon.


Next In-service – Tuesday June11th (In-person) at Literacy Rochester

Literacy Rochester:

The LR office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm. Please feel free to call the office if you need any assistance 585-473-3030. You can also contact me directly at Lroe@literacyrochester.org.


Friday March 29th – Good Friday

Monday April 8th – Solar Eclipse 

As always Thank you for dedicating your time to the Digital Literacy Program and to the community!