Hello Volunteers!

Have you taken a look at the new Literacy Rochester website?  Check it out here!

Literacy Volunteers of Rochester has done a digital facelift as well as a name update to…

Literacy Rochester (LR)

As a program of LR we are updating our Digital Literacy (DL) logo, content, materials and soon our website.

We need your input on the website before we do ANY changes!  So here is your chance to weigh in and tell us what you need!

A few things first:

  1. The Digital.LiteracyRochester.org site was created for DL volunteers and we want to bring it back to that focus by moving information utilized by prospective volunteers, donors, partners, etc. to the LR website to be promoted similar to the Instructional Program.
  2. Menu options that are not needed during a usual volunteer shift will be moved to the LR website. NOTHING WILL BE DELETED.
  3. The DL website homepage will look different but once logged in we would like to keep a similar look and feel.
  4. The DL website will continue to have the top menubar as it does now, not the side menu that LR has adapted.
  5. Please use the open comments section below to pose questions, suggestions, likes or dislikes, etc.